Hard Tongue on Pillow

Single-channel video (13’13”), used soap
Size variable
Commissioned by Para Site for Noble Rot as part of the 2046 Fermentation + Fellowship programme

Installation views of Noble Rot. Photos: Jeff Cheng Tsz Fung and Hou Lam Tsui.

“The lines of the map run red and blue as they demarcate bodies of water and grand infrastructural plans. The vibrant, bloody matter of vessels and capillaries criss-cross on a single sheet of paper; the points of intersection struggle to pin down a fast-dissipating fate. Such is the way of the map: data and histories are quietly, covertly archived and displayed as static and finite. Any renewal or shift in mapping may reveal what tends to transpire between points of information, but rarely how or why.”—text originally in Chinese by the artist and translated by Ellie Tse